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Food Pantry: St. Augustine’s has a long history of feeding hungry community members. Dating back to 1969 when the Black Panther Party started their Free Breakfast Program at St. Augustine’s all the way until today, where every 2nd and 4th Saturday we distribute free groceries out of our Fellowship Hall. 


Social Justice: St. Augustine’s has a long history of standing against racism, oppression, violence and marginalization of all kinds. We are a Black church that stands with and affirms LGBTQIA+ people. Making our voices heard in the cause of Justice is an essential part of St. Augustine’s.
Our commitment to Social Justice flows from our faith in Jesus who said, “Whatever you do to the least of these, you do to me.” Jesus identifies his body with oppressed bodies around the world. 


Environmental Justice: St. Augustine’s is currently exploring the feasibility of installing renewable energy sources on church property. Environmental racism shows that marginalized communities experience the brunt of climate change at a higher rate than white communities in America. We hope to be an example of environmental stewardship in our community. 

Morning Prayer 

Tuesdays & Thursdays   7:30am

Call in:  (425)436-6377  

Code: 628527#  

Website for Morning Prayer: 

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